Two-Spirit Project


The Native Justice Coalition's Two-Spirit project seeks to engage in decolonizing gender roles and identities within our communities.  We will do this work through community forums, gatherings, and workshops. 

Gender binaries and social constructions didn't exist in our communities prior to colonization.  Two-Spirit's traditionally brought balance and healing into our communities.  Two-Spirit is a pan-Native American term its describes gender identity, gender expression, and/or sexual orientation.  Some Two-Spirit's may align with colonial LGBTQ identities while others may eschew those identities.  However, keep in mind that Two-Spirit is not for settlers and settlers of color.  You can't appropriate our culture because our identities as Two-Spirits on Turtle Island have always been.  For each Two-Spirit based in their specific tribal tradition there may be a unique name in the language that honors who they are.  We are still decolonizing and still learning so not everyone will know the words to describe them. 

As we do this work we discover the ways our communities have been deeply impacted by harmful gender binaries through Christianization and patriarchy.  Our work seeks to create safety and greater awareness for who we are as Two-Spirit's. 

Upcoming Projects

Good news! We have secured funding and we have officially launched this project in 2019!

Stayed tuned for the list of 2019 communities with dates, times, and registration information. Our projects in 2019 will take place between June - September in Anishinaabe communities in Michigan and Wisconsin as well as urban communities including Cleveland, Ohio, and DC.

Please direct questions and inquiries to - cecelia@nativejustice.org.